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Our Specialties

We Provide Professional, Secure Network Support That Leaves You Worry Free. We are your full time IT department.

Businesses Servers

Computer Assist, Inc. has provided the best business technology support services in Florida since 1993. Our highly trained, experienced technicians are experts at installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting any kind of IT setup. We understand the specific needs of small to mid-sized companies, and we’re ready to help you meet your business goals through the power of cutting-edge technology. We can even train those clients who want to do some of their IT administration internally. From replacing and upgrading Windows Servers, NAS and peer to peer networks and servicing all your office automation needs.

Phone Systems

We support and offer a variety of enterprise-grade VoIP phone system based on premise and in the cloud. Expect to cut your phone bill in half and utilize time-saving features to make your business run better.

We offer a great communications solution for businesses large and small, government agencies, schools, dental offices and other professional service industries.

Work from Home or Home Office

Businesses and individual workers alike see many benefits to telecommuting via modern remote-access technologies. If you’re running a facility, you can enjoy lower overhead and reduced energy bills when you have fewer people taking up space, equipment and electricity.

If you’re a sole proprietor, an employee trying to balance family life with work, an energy-conscious citizen trying to reduce your carbon footprint, or a disabled worker who finds it impractical or impossible to make a daily commute, you’ll love the fact that you can continue making a living from the comfort of your own home office, without having to leave your current job.

We have the technology to establish, update or manage your home office, stand alone or connect to your cloud office. We are there to help, when you need it.

Remote and Cloud Services

Our Sarasota Based desktop support for corporate IT systems makes a natural as-needed complement to your skilled, hardworking team. We’ve mastered the fine art of working with corporate IT departments without stepping on their toes, providing that extra pair of hands here in Sarasota through weekly visits to address your branch’s ongoing IT task list.

We can provide:

New/additional desktops, phone installations, WiFi, Website, Internet, POS, etc.
Network cable/jack troubleshooting, installation, replacement and expansion
Workstation/server installation, repair and relocation
Installing or replacing switches, routers or peripherals
Comprehensive IT system upgrades
Preventative maintenance via weekly onsite visits

Let us free up your corporate IT team to do all the essential tasks they can perform from their own home base – while we serve as their remote and local support. Contact us today to learn more about our services!


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