Businesses Servers &
Phone Systems

With a blend of cutting edge remote assistance and conversant field technicians, Computer Assist will be ready to serve, maintain, administer, and secure your business network. We will grow with your needs offering top level support in your major software and server applications. From programming, upgrades, databases, Microsoft office, exchange, SQL and many other applications like yours.

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Home Office

Computer Assist understands your small business needs. Focused on the growth and smooth operation of your business. We do not always advocate the new purchase and replace mentality of the electronic store sales. With our preventative maintenance & backups, you do not need surprise emergency tech visits or expensive IT administration staff.

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Home Users

Use our stellar tech assistance to your personal advantage by eliminating viruses & spyware, killing popups, performing routine maintenance, upgrades , and speeding up that slow computer of yours so you can get back to operating like new.

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