Watch Out for “Zombie” Viruses on Your Computer

Watch Out for “Zombie” Viruses on Your Computer

Your computer may not physically start to deteriorate or try to eat your brain but once it has contracted a “zombie” virus (often referred to as a “bot” or botnet), your zombie computer will surely give you a headache. Your computer is considered a “zombie” when it has become compromised by malware, making it susceptible to following the orders of a computer hacker without you even knowing it.

You may be asking “How does my computer become compromised?” There are several ways that your PC can become infected with a botnet or zombie virus. Below are a few of the methods most commonly used:

  • Ad-Clicking – With ad-click fraud, the user is instructed to click on advertisements that are displayed on specific websites. One of the most notorious botnets that uses this method is called ZeroAccess, which happens to be the fastest-growing botnet at this time.
  • Consumer Banking Information Theft – These botnets are designed to steal money from the user while reassuring them that their money is still safe and sound in their bank accounts. This typically occurs via¬†a Trojan that snatches your login credentials and initiates banking transactions within your account. It also occurs by way of email and “drive-by” infections.
  • Spamming Campaigns – Computers are infected with malicious HTML attachments in their inbox. They will also proxy traffic between themselves and your destination mail server.
  • Password Collection – Thousands upon thousands of Mac computers were infected by the Flashback botnet that collects passwords to sites like Google and PayPal in order to take over your account.

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