5 Things Businesses Should Know About Google+ Social Media

5 Things Businesses Should Know About Google+ Social Media

It came as no surprise that Google would launch its very own social media network. Just two months after the initial launch of Google+ came Google+ for businesses, providing companies and business owners with a means to attract and reach their existing and potential audiences. With this social media network having acquired over 100 million users, Google+ is a platform that cannot afford to be overlooked.

That being said, here are the five things you should know about Google+:

1. Search Engine Meets Marketing Strategy
Google+ is owned by Google, the most powerful search engine that exists. The introduction of Google+ has shown that Google is much more than a search engine, offering a vast array of inter-connected services. Rather than focusing all of your attention to your Facebook and Twitter audiences, giving some focus to your Google+ account and installing that +1 button has the potential to increase your search presence on the Web and result in some serious traffic increases.

2. Reach Your Target Audience with Circles
Your Google+ Circles allow you to determine what content is distributed to which group of people. You can easily administer following and send targeted messages to specific sub-groups of people. If you setup your Circles with clear and specific criteria, it will make communication with them much easier as you gain more followers. With Circles, you can also gain insight as to what the hot topics are and find ways to contribute to the conversation. When you post something interesting on your Google+ page, it is very simple for your fellow Google+ users to share your posts with others who are likely to enjoy your posts.

3. Everything You Need in One Location
Google+ allows you to save your frequent searches, along with your newsfeed and circles. This allows you to target a specific audience or demographic. When looking to poll that target demographic or receive feedback, your saved searches will be saved on the left side of your Google+ page – saving you time.

4. Your Brand + Personality = Building Relationships
Create posts on your Google+ page that followers would find useful and make sure they are relevant to your brand as well. Let’s face it, seeing a company continuously post about their products and themselves is…well, boring. It also leaves room for little interaction. Your followers want to know that you are human, so post content that is engaging and allows them to interact with you. Additionally, show interest in them by commenting on their posts. The more you engage and interact, the better able you will be to increase your number of followers and build relationships with them.

5. Hangout with Your Clients
This doesn’t mean invite them over for the next football party. Hangouts are a feature of Google+ that was implemented to bring businesses and clients together. Google+ Hangouts allow you to invite up to 10 users to join you in a videoconference, at no cost. Use a Hangout as opposed to a standard conference call to make the experience more personal with face-to-face interaction. You can also use Hangouts for demos of your products and services, meetings with your staff and employees, or even to hold Q&A sessions.