Before You Throw Out Your Old Computer…

Before You Throw Out Your Old Computer…

Before you throw away your old computer, there are several things you need to do in order to protect your business and private information, as well as adhere to environmental safety regulations.

First, make sure you have backed up everything that you have stored on the hard drive. To make things easy, create a full disk image (an exact copy of your hard drive that serves as somewhat of a virtual drive that can be recreated or mounted) instead of backing up individual files. This way all of your settings, files and configurations are kept intact in case you ever need to access them again. File recovery will be simple since the disk image can recreate your computer’s state when the full disk image was created.

Next, take inventory of any software that you had installed on your old computer just in case you forget to move it over to your new computer. Take note of any configuration settings and export these profiles to your new computer if possible. Don’t forget to copy any software or product keys that you may need to activate the software on your new computer.

Lastly, have an IT Technician (like one of us at Computer Assist – Sarasota Support) remove the hard drive from your old computer. They will be able to clear all of the data from your hard drive so that your personal or company data does not fall into someone else’s hands. This is not an easy task, and sometimes impossible,┬áso we recommend that you have a professional complete this step for you. When your hard drive has been removed, either physically destroy it or put it in a safe place for storage to ensure your data cannot be stolen. A simple hard drive format, wipe or operating system reinstall will not be enough to keep your information and data secure.

After you’ve completed these three steps, simply dispose of your computer, take it to a recycling facility, or give it away to a charity.